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Korumburra Eco Green

Korumburra, a town located in the South Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, is a haven for businesses that are eco-friendly and contribute to a sustainable environment. This town is home to several companies that are making a major difference in promoting living a greener life. Here is a list of businesses that are making a positive impact on the environment and their benefits:

1. The Naked Farmer: This local business is dedicated to promoting the welfare of farmers, engaging the community, and restoring the balance of nature. Their mission is to raise awareness of the mental health of farmers and their families by producing and selling quality Australian-made clothing. The company’s products are made from organic cotton and are printed in Australia using eco-friendly ink. By supporting The Naked Farmer, not only are you promoting the mental wellbeing of farmers and their communities but also making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability.

2. The Custom Think: This company specialises in producing promotional products that are eco-friendly. They use organic cotton, bamboo, and other sustainable materials to produce items like tote bags, drinkware, and clothing. They offer customised designs that are environmentally friendly, making them a great choice for businesses who are conscious of protecting the planet. By using their services, you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint and promote sustainable living to your customers.

3. Wild & Mylk: This local business produces almond milk made from organic almonds sourced from local farmers. By using locally sourced raw materials, they help reduce carbon emissions that would have been generated from importing the almonds. Additionally, their production process results in a zero-waste policy, whereby all leftover material from production is composted, keeping the environment clean. Wild & Mylk’s products are delicious, nutritious, and environmentally friendly.

4. The Green Centre: This company is dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to environmental waste management issues. They help businesses reduce their ecological footprint by providing composting and waste management services. The objective is to divert waste material from landfill sites and convert them into useful, organic resources like soil conditioners and composts. The Green Centre also offers a range of gardening products, including mulch, compost, and soil conditioners to help create a healthier garden and environment.

5. Lemon Twist: This local business is a great way to enjoy a waste-free eating experience. They specialise in making salads, smoothies, and juices that are served in reusable glass jars. By bringing your own jar back, you can help reduce the consumption of plastic in packaging, thereby reducing waste. Additionally, their products are made using locally sourced, organic ingredients, making them environmentally and health-friendly.

6. Korumburra Business Association: This association supports local businesses in the town by creating opportunities for collaboration and networking. The association highlights environmentally-friendly businesses as a way of promoting a sustainable future within the town. By being a member of the association, businesses can support one another in their sustainable goals while integrating sustainable practices within their operations.

7. Inverloch Garden Centre: This local garden centre offers organic and chemical-free gardening products and services, helping to create a healthier and eco-friendly garden. Their products include organic potting mixes, pesticides, and fertilisers, all of which are free from harsh chemicals. By using their products, you can help reduce the impact on the environment and keep your plants healthy and safe.

these businesses in Korumburra are all making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. They help reduce the impact of human activities on the environment and promote healthy living practices. By supporting their products and services, you can contribute to making the world a better place. Contact each of these businesses to support their sustainable goals.

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